Made with Love Mondays: Grandad Pat’s Treasure Trove

Blimey it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts… I went back to work full-time on 27th January and I don’t get to spend nearly as much time as I’d like to on The Kidz Curator anymore apart from the odd few posts during my commute to and from Adelaide and once the kids are sleeping at night!

I am, however, however super excited to share this gorgeous business with you tonight – ‘Grandad Pat’s Treasure Trove’ – who make the most delightful engraved height charts – something for everyone in the family to have a part in and truly treasure within the home:




Business Name: 
Grandad Pat’s Treasure Trove

What do you make: We make wooden height charts, we are very proud to be able to offer both a personalised height chart range and our pre-designed range of height charts, ‘The Classic Range’.

Tell me about how your business came about: Woodworking has always been a passion, picked up from spending hours watching my Grandad renovate our family home when I was a child. Carpentry is an intricate profession and Grandad Pat spent hours explaining the what and how of timber and the patience required to work with each individual piece. He himself paid particular attention to detail and wanted me to instill in us an appreciation of his profession. I can still remember the smell of his own workshop like it was yesterday.

What is your current favourite product? Definitely our new Grandad Pat’s Old School Ruler! We have a personalised option and a pre-designed option, but watch this space because we are about to release a second predesigned option and it is super cute! What makes this height chart stand out is it is a gigantic version of a wooden school ruler, with angled edges and the iconic hole at the top of the ruler. The Old School Ruler measures in both metric and imperial measurements too.

height chart interior design idea-min

Do you make custom orders? Yes, we love custom orders. We have a personalised section on our website to give customers an idea of some of the more popular custom ideas. Our height charts are laser engraved and very detailed, we can completely customise every individual chart with different fonts, pictures, wording and sayings. A lady recently contacted us with a custom request to include her family’s measurements. We also make customised baby keepsake boxes, that can also be family time capsules and have also introduced our range of customised wedding gifts which are very popular.

Tell me about you: I’m a very proud Auntie! I have 4 nieces who are gorgeous, Isabella, Chloe, Charlotte and Victoria. And for anyone that follows the Grandad Pat’s Instagram and Facebook pages all of my little miss stories are about these four children.  Kids are so entertaining! These four girls are the reason why I have steered the business in the direction it is going. I believe we have a responsibility to encourage creativity, imagination and help children thrive as they grow.

What else do you do: Work – We engrave a lot of wooden wedding and baby personalised keepsake items. And always love new ideas.
Downtime – My horse, Shooter. I don’t ride him as much as I used to – I tried to convince him we had aspirations to go to the Olympics, but then discovered we much prefer quiet walks down the road together. We are genuinely buddies, he makes me laugh and he knows I’m mum because I feed him…. the way to any man’s heart is definitely through his stomach!

Name 3 of your favourite Instagram accounts to follow: There are actually more than 3 but these accounts are definitely the top of the list. I love Instagram! I have a home decor fetish!

  • @cassieandrewstyle – definitely for my home decor and fashion fix! and Cassie is a Perth Girl 🙂
  • @k_bloves – I am genuinely obsessed with the colour palette
  • @tonkatheconcreter – This account genuinely makes me belly chuckle! Tonka and ‘Jerkboss’ are hilarious.

Where can we buy your products from:

The Personalised Old School Ruler

The predesigned Old School Ruler “Loved Beyond Measure” (used in the majority of the pictures)

Special offer for The Kidz Curator followers: Free shipping on both the personalised and predesigned options of the Old School Ruler. Discount Code: KIDZ2017

Thanks so much for sharing with us Grandad Pat’s Treasure Trove – I’m sure I’m going to be seeing a lot more of your stunning height charts popping up on Insta pics of houses in Australia!

Rosie xoxo





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